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Current Lab Members

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Nathan Durand - Research Assistant

Nathan Durand is a Physiotherapist working in inpatient Complex Care at Parkwood Institute. He received his Bachelor’s of Health Science (BHSc) and Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) From Western University, and has been working in musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation since beginning his career in 2019. Nathan enjoys walking with and learning from his patients every day, and has a passion for furthering his knowledge both clinically and academically. He has a passion for neuroscience and is seeking to contribute to research that connects science with rehabilitation. Nathan is excited to support the Peters Lab with new research on the use of fNIRS and FES cycling in the stroke population. Beyond work, you can often find Nathan spending time with his family, doing puzzles, and reading science fiction.


Siying Luan - MSc student

Siying Luan is a Master's student in physical therapy at the University of Western. Her master's research focuses on determining the effects of Functional Electrical Stimulation cycling on cortical brain activation changes in people who have had a stroke. She finished her undergraduate in Western University with an Honours Specialization in Health Science with a minor in Psychology. When Siying is not busy doing research, she enjoys playing instruments (piano and guitar) and playing sports with her friends and family.


Sarthak Kohli - MSc student

Sarthak Kohli is a first year Master of Science Student in the Health and Rehabilitation sciences program in the Physical Therapy field at Western University. Sarthak graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. His current research project is focused on exploring cortical activation and balance control while reducing fatigue levels for rehabilitation post-stroke.